International Conflict

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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Readings Week 8 Online HendersonTucker Clash of Civilizations and International Conflict INTRODUCTION y Culture has become so pronounced that ethnicity has become the new master explanatory variable y Preventing the Clash of Civilizations is aied at providing strategies to prevent the scenario of a clash of civilizations from becoming reality THESIS y Demographic and economic changes have shifted the balance of power among civilizations as the capabilities of nonWestern states are rising to challenge Western hegemony y Civilization differences are increasingly likely to generate conflicty The central defining characteristic of a civilization is its religion y Shared religion is the single most important indicator of a civilization y Warfare between states of different civilizations is greatly enhanced by beliefs in different gods LOGIC BEHIND THE THESIS y Henderson claims that where cultural factors become increasingly salient in disputes y Huntingtons argument is the conviction that disputes between states of different civilizations are more likely to become culturally loaded in such a way as to exacerbate intercivilizational conflict levels y Culturally dissimilar decision makers are likely to employ a civilizational realpolitik y Exclusivity of religiousbased differences derives from the fact that they reflect divergent views on fundamental issues of human existencePROPOSITIONS y States define threats in terms of the intentions of other states and those intentions and how they are perceived are powerfully shaped by cultural considerations y The Cold War landscape have given way to wars of civilizations in the postCold War era y Huntington labels these wars between civilizations faultline wars
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