Goetz and Sidney

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Political Science
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Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

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REVENGE OF THE PROPERTY OWNERS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GOETZ SIDNEYNeighbourhood conflicts over community revitalizationIdeology of property hostile to affordable housingThe conflict between low income inner city residentsland is at the heart of community politics in many there is a tension between use values and exchange values COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATIONS AND NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENTNonprofit community development corporations CDCs first emerged in the 1960s as urban urban communities attempted to increase control over their neighborhoodsNeighborhood associations and CDCs are separate organizations Though both are indigenous neighborhood institutions In Minneapolis and St Paul we found that conflict has emerged in some neighborhoods between nonprofit developers and neighborhood organizations over issues of low income housing and community revitalizationImbued with issues about who benefits and who bears the costsNeighborhood upgrading has meant increasing land values and improving the
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