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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

Readings Week 12Snow Chapter 15Failed States Case of Pakistan PRECISThis region provided a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists harbouring the avowed intent to weak havoc in the USTransforming the countries involved so that they will no longer be prone to produce or sustain terroristsSomalialacked an effective central government for roughly two decades THE NATURE OF FAILED STATES Definitions of failed states core the notion of the collapse of legitimate authority and the inability to replace that authority resulting in a governmental void that destabilizes the places it occursGenerally ascribed characteristics of a legal state Physical territory over which sovereign control is maintained The absence of a universal authority does not mean the kind of total failure suggested by the ideal form of failure The least severe case of failure occurs fragile states and which I have called failure prone statesSusceptible to crisis in one or more of its subsystemsReligious and ethnic divisions in the country have never been able historically to reach a peaceful political accord that allows them to coexist in anything like a mutually satisfactory political orderCrisis state adequate deterioration in one or more sectors to be moving toward total failureThe fund for peace offers four primary criteria by which a state may reach the designation of failed 1 Loss of physical control of territory or monopoly of the legitimate use of force thereinbreakdown of internal order normally associated with selfpolicing 2 Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions 3 Inability to provide reasonable public services 4 Inability to interact as a full member of the international community FAILED STATE INDEXProfiles of failed states are not identicalThe index is composed of 12 factors divided into 3 categoriesthere are 4 social indicators 2 economic indicators and 6 political indicators
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