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Nigmendra Narain

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READINGS WEEK 25SNOW CHAPTER 13GLOBAL WARMING PRECISNo one favours a gradual or precipitous change in global climate because the consequences could be catastrophic There are significant differences on the parameters of the problem exactly what will be affected and how much and on the quality of the science underlying claims on either side especially when extrapolations are made far into the futureGlobal warming is the direct result of the release of socalled greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in volumes that are in excess of the capacity of the ecosystem to eliminate them naturallyVast majority of the problem comes from the burning of fossil fuelsThe natural method of containing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the absorption on conversion of that gas in socalled carbon sinks which separate the two elements and release them harmlessly back in to the atmosphereThis blanketing effect keeps excess heat in the atmosphere and the result is a warmer atmosphere and the phenomenon of global warmingOne aspect of this debate has to do with causation of the problem and hence responsibilityThey view developed countries as the cause of the problem and thus believe those countries should solve the problem by reducing emissionsDeveloped countries seek them to refrain from the same kind of fossil driven growth that they underwent because doing so will simply make the greenhouse gas effect worseThe requirements of the agreement have raised controversy because of the differential levels of reduction they impose Since the urgency to engage in such a process depends on whether or to what extend the problem exists positions on global warming are then presented THE ROAD TO KYOTOKyoto became the lightening rod for support or opposition because it provided the most comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines that have occurred to that pointThe document and its requirements are complicated and technical making a detailed description impossible within the confines of this case formatThe US is the world largest producer of greenhouse gases and thus the protocols provisions have questionable effectiveness without American participation
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