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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes This is for Psych 2060, taken online, for the Muchinsky 9th Ed. textbook. These are very detailed and easy to understand notes on Chapter 2 that I made myself. Headings and bullets make it easy to read, and I assure you there is enough

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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

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Chapter 2Research methods in IO Psychologyresearch a formal process by which knowledge is produced and understoodgeneralizability the extent to which conclusions drawn from one research study spread or apply to a larger populationscience aims to describe predict and explain phenomenaoeg why employees quit why employees are dissatisfied etc5 steps to the empirical research processostatement of the problemwhat question needs to be answeredodesign of the research studyhow do you design a study to answer the questionomeasurement of variablesoanalysis of datahow do you make sense of all the information collectedoconclusions from researchthis step influences the first step in future research studiesStatement of the Problemtheory a statement that proposes to explain relationships among phenomena of interestinductive method a research process that starts with data and culminates in a theorydeductive method a research process where a researcher starts with a theory then tests itpeople are far too variable across individuals and within one person to be defined by a single formula or equationLewin said that a theory is useful in conducting research as it synthesizes information organizes it into logical components and directs the researchers efforts in future studiestheories must be finetuned after rigorous testingthink of theories in terms of usefulness whether or not it gives meaning to the problemDesign of the Research Studyresearch design a plan for conducting scientific research for the purpose of learning about a phenomenon of interesttwo dimensions are most important in a research strategyonaturalness of the research settingdont want research strategy to destroy of distort the phenomenon under studyothe investigators degree of control over the study
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