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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Sexual Response

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Chapter 9 SEXUAL RESPONSETHE SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLEMasters and Johnson one of first models of physiology of human sexual response1966 wrote Human Sexual Response reported more than 10000 sexual cycles of arousal and orgasm3 stages of sexual response excitement orgasm resolutionphysiological processes 1 vasocongestionblood flows into vessels in genitals because of vessel dilation 2 myotoniamuscles contract in genitals or throughout bodyEXCITEMENTbeginning phase of erotic arousal mainly vasocongestion common sex flush on skin of men and womenincrease in pulse and blood pressureMaleserection corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum fill with blooddirect stimulation of genitals other parts of body or erotic thoughtsvasocongestion fast erection in seconds slower with age alcohol fatigueclose to orgasm secrete drops of fluid from cowpers gland may be spermarteries dilate strong flow of blood in smooth muscle around arteries relaxveins blood away compressed restrict blood flowsome nipple erectionskin of scrotum thickens sac tenses scrotum pulled up and closer to bodyspermatic cords shorten pulling testes closer to bodyneurotransmitter nitric oxide involved NOFemaleunaroused walls lay against each other like uninflated balloonduring phase upper 23 of vag expand inflated ballooncervix and uterus pull upcapillaries in walls of vag dilate increase blood flow lubrication of vagina fluids seep through membranes of wallsrapid not as fast as males 1030 sec after arousalalso affected by age alc fatiguerelaxation of smooth muscles around arteries in glans and crura of clit and vestibular bulbsglans tip engagement of corpora cavernosa and crura of clit swell and vestibular bulbs lie along wall of vag inner lips swell and open upnipples erect contractions of myotonia muscle fibers around nipplebreasts swell and enlargement somewhat late into phase may cause nipples to look more flatlate in excitement phase elevation of clit possible clit retractsdraws up into bodyneurotransmitters NO and estrogen close to orgasm orgasm platform forms tightening and thickening of outer third of vag wall size of vag entrance smaller reverse process vasoconstriction erection goes awayneurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrineoccur in resolution phaseORGASMsharp increase in heart rate blood pressure and breathingmuscles contract throughout bodyface contorted in grimacearms legs thighs back butt contract feet and hands too carpopedal spasmssensation similar for men and womenMaleseries of rhythmic contractions of pelvic organs at 08 sec intervals2 stagespreliminary stage vas seminal vesicles and prostate contract forcing ejaculate into bulb at base of urethraM and J call sensation ejaculatory inevitability cummingsensation that ejaculation about to happen cant be stoppedejaculation can be delayed but cant be stopped
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