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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Friendship and Love

8 Pages

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

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9¾nf½-ţ 9–Ŧ Ŵ °¾½f° Ŧ°–°¾€¾f°¾½¾ ¾f°¾ ½¾f½nf¯½f°ţ°½°°f°°–f¾°–Ŧ @9ff€¾f°¾½¾ť@nf°°¾½¾f°°–f ¯°¾ŦŦ9f¾¾°ţn°n°ţf–f°©f¾Ŧ Ų!f"¾f¾½n¾€€"f¾fff$¾Ŧ Ŧ°ffn°f°f°¾½½¯° fn°ť@°f¾€¯ff°¾½Ŧ żż°f!°n"°¾ @€fn¾ŧ ž$Ŧ9¯f¾°––f½nţ¾°fţf°€¯¾€¾½ff n¾°¾¾Ŧ Ŵ,½½°°fnf°n°¯n(nf½ţn°°°) žŦf¯fť ,½¾"€€nť°°nf¾°½¾€°–¾+f¾¾¯° ¾¯°–½"f¾°€,°½¾Ŧ Ŵ¾+$¾°½½¾+fţ€ff°–f¯½¾¾°ţf +°°nf¾Ŧ žŦ9¾nffn°¾¾ť9f¾¯f©°€¾°n°¾Ŧ Ŵ-°f°$"$°°¾¾f°°–°nŦ Ŵ,°fffn°¾¾°f¯f¯¯½f°°+¯°Ŧ ,fn°–½¾¾ť½½¾¾f½½€¾¯fffn°¾¾¾¯ –ff+f¾fnŦ 9f°f°¾¯°@ť¾½n¾¯f°–½f°½°¾°+ffn ¾f¾°¾Ŷ¯ţ°–ţ¾f¾$Ŵ½nf°°€€¾½°–Ŧ ŲJ¯°$€f½ţ¯°$€f°ffn¾¾½f¾¾° –°n¾Ŧ żż°–n("f° žn½nf)°–ť0$°–¾+¾+f$Ŧ¾€Ŵ €€°–½½nf+$Ŧ1€"¾¯°$¾ţ+"f°f €°¯f°°+f¾¯Ŧ ž*¯f¾¾½½€ţ2"¾€f€f€n$–3f° 2½½¾¾ffnŦ34¯f½°n½½f¾°"€°¾f°¯f°n ½f°¾Ŧ Ŵ5¾fn½¾°"¾¯f°¯–f½ n n ffn¾n¾ŦŦ–ţfnţ–°ţ¾f¾nŦ Ŧ°¾@f–,ť uŦ9½¾€¾¾¯fţf°– ¾ ff½½f€€°Ŧ Ŧ@°€¯f°°–½½ţ–ff+f¾¯¾¾¯fŦ żż!¾f+¾f°¾½¾ ž,f°f°°–f°¾½¾ťn°¾f°fn¾¾¾¾f° ¾,f€f°¾½ŦŦ2,°°–3 žf°¾½*f¾€fn°f°¯¯¯°ť °½°°n,*nf!nf°–@ť1°½¾°ff°¾½¾f –°"½n½°¾€+f¾f°n¾¾€nf°–°fn°¾Ŧ ƽ!+f¾Ŷ¾¾ƹ-n¯ ƽ-n¯Ŷ¯½f¾°ƹ4f¾€fn° ƽ4f¾€fn°Ŷ¯½f¾°€f°f¾91°¾¯°¾ƹ¯¯¯° f°¾½+n°°f¾°–f¾f½¾°½n¾+f¾f–f f°n¾¾Ŧ Ŵ¯½f¾°ť½¾°f¾f°f€+f¾f°fnn½f""ff°n €+f¾f°n¾¾Ŧf¾°½¾f°¾½¾f°½°n€ ¾Ŷf€n°fŦ :Ŧ°¾½ żżJf,f)¾f° ,¾°¾fť½°–¯°f¾½½f°¾nf¾½½Ŧ ;¯¯°!¾ŧ Ŧ4f°+¾€¾nn¾¾+f€° Ŧ4+¯°f¾½½ ŦI°½°f¯€° =Ŧ4¯f$€°¾f½½ >Ŧ@¾f°n°€°fn ;Ŧ4f°½€€°¾Ŧ żż°f°*"f.°f°¾¾"¾ ƽJ¯°Ŵ+¯°€°¾½¾f¯¯°f"f¾ţ¯f°Ŵ¯f°°" fn"f¾Ŧ ƽ,°f¾nf?"¾€Ŵ¾€€n°+n°"¾¾€Ŵ¾n¾ţf¾f ¯½"fnf¾f"f€¯°@¾€°¾½¾ţf¾¯°ff–+ ¯°f¾n¯½¾¾°@¾++f$°¾¾Ŧ żż°€n°°¾½ °€n"+°€°¾nf°f¾€¯°n¯½f"–f¾ţ¯¾¯fn ½nf°¾f°nf°–¾€°¾Ŧ f°ť°¾½!½f!f¾ ť $Ŧ½fnť@€€°½ffn$°+–¾½ff°f¾$¾ €€°€f°½f°f°Ŧ Ŧ¯ť@€€°€€¾f¯Ŵf$°–¾½°¾"f° €€°–©¾€nf°ţf½–nŦ Ŧn)°/–¯°ť@€€°½ffn$°+–¾ ¯Ŧ :=Ŧ¯f°n żż*"f.°f°f° 0¾¾¯ť@f¾¾¯½°°¾¾fff°¾½¾f ¾fţf°"nf¾€¾ţ¾fn°¾f¯Ŵ¾n½¾f°n¯¯°Ŧ żż°€€°n¾ ƽ!¾fn¾––¾¾¯°f¯¯f°n–°Ŧ Ŵ,°€f°¯f¾ţ+¯°€f¯f¾Ŧ ŴJ¯°f¯$½½¾nf¾¯½¯¾€Ŧ ƽ!–f¾¾ţ€€°n¾f¾¯fŦ żż@¾€ ž@f°–"[email protected]€0¾¯f½€n¯½°°¾ŧ $Ŧ°¯fnťJf¯ţn¾°¾¾ţ¾f°– Ŧ9f¾¾°ť1°°¾€°–¾Ŵ½¾ţ°–fţ¾fŦ Ŧ¯¯¯°ťn¾°C°°¯f°f°f°¾½ °¾"¯¯f
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