Psychology 2035A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Oedipus Complex, The Conscious Mind, Oral Stage

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Personality refers to an individual"s unique constellation of consistent behavioural traits across situations; also incorporates the distinctive behavioural differences by different people in the same situation. They are dispositions to behave in a particular way in a variety of situations (one can be honest, impulsive, moody, dependable, etc. : most trait theories belief that most traits are derived from a few basic traits, factor analysis. : a list of 171 traits were narrowed down to 16 basic dimensions of personality by measuring correlations among variables and clustering highly correlated traits together to make one dimension. The five-factor model of personality: factor analysis used to narrow down to the following 5 dimensions: extraversion upbeat, friendly, and assertive. : positive emotionality-people who score high are characterized as outgoing, sociable: neuroticism conscious, insecure, and vulnerable. : negative emotionality- people are characterized as being anxious, hostile, self: openness to experience and more.