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Research in I/O Psychology (Chapter 1 & Chapter 6)

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Western University
Psychology 2061A/B
Athena Xenikou

th September 19 2013 Week 2 – Research in I/O Psychology Why should I care about research? – if you carry out research in a scientific way, you have a high possibility that you're going to get an accurate picture of reality – common sense is often wrong. – Example: taking a multiple choice test. Being unsure about changing an answer, common sense says don't change it.. but you would have a higher chance of getting it right if you changed it. How do I know what to research? – Ideas – Hypotheses (based on ideas) – Theories (to explain hypotheses/findings) Research Methods – experiment – independent variable that is manipulated, and dependant variable that is not manipulated. – Subjects are randomly assigned to conditions – quasi-experiment – independent variable is not manipulated OR – subjects are not randomly assigned to conditions – correlation – archival research – survey Experiments identify the Independent and Dependent variables: i) Independent variable: training or no training Dependent variable: customer complaints ii) Independent variable: night or day shift Dependent variable: # of errors iii) Independent variable: paid on commission or hourly Dependent variable: productivity and satisfaction Quasi-experiments – might not be practical, easy, or ethical to manipulate variables – ex. manipulating unemployment would be unethical – don't determine cause-effect relationships wit
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