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Chapter 1

Psychology 2070A/B Chapter 1: Social Psych Ch 1

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Western University
Psychology 2070A/B
Graeme Haynes

Social Psych (Text notes) Chapter 1 What is Social Psychology? - Social influence takes on forms other than deliberate attempts at persuasion - Social psychology is distinct o Not concerned about social situations but how people are influenced by their interpretation (construal) of their social environment - Make educated guesses (hypotheses) about specific situations under which one outcome or the other would happen - Social psychologists makes experiments to bring out situations that would result in one outcome or another - Construal o The way in which people perceive, comprehend, and interpret the social world o Can be persuaded with construal - Folk Wisdom (Common Sense) o Birds of a feather flock together ▪ Go with people who have similar backgrounds and interest o Opposites attract o Out of sight out of mind o Absence makes heart grow fonder o Usually wrong or oversimplified - Social Psych Vs. Sociology o Both concerned with influence of social and societal factors on human behaviour o Social psych is a branch of psychology, study of individuals with psychological processes going on in their hearts and mind o Goal of social psych is to find the universal properties of human nature that make everyone susceptible to social influence ▪ Level of analysis is the individual in context of a social situation o Sociology more concerned with broad societal factors that influence events in a society and looks at society at large ▪ Social class, social structure, social institutions o Some overlap over the two - Social Psych Vs. Personality Psych o Personality psych focuses their attention on individual differences ▪ The aspects of people’s personalities that make them different from other people - Fundamental Attribution Error o Tendency to explain people’s behaviour in terms of personality traits, thereby underestimating the power of social influence (situational factors) - Underestimating power of Social Influence o When underestimated, will experience feeling of false security ▪ Try to comfort ourselves by saying the cult is flawed humans because it can never happen to us o Will oversimplify complex situations and decrease our understanding of the causes ▪ May blame victims cause they were overpowered by social forces - Gestalt Psychology o Should study the subjective way in which an object appears in people’s minds rather than the objective physical attribute of the object Where Construal’s Come from - Self-Esteem o People’s evaluations of their own self-worth o Extent to which they view themselves as good o People usually view the world to maintain favor of themselves ▪ Chaos in the world to feel good about themselves
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