Psychology 2070A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Hindsight Bias, Deindividuation, Construals

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The science of social behaviour field dedicated to understanding the causes and consequences of social interactions between individuals or groups. How other people affect us key element of social psych: investigating how individuals are influenced by other people. Other people affect how we interpret events. Deindividuation feeling that people are unaccountable for their actions when in: as lynchers became more numerous relative to victims, viciousness increased (breakdown of normal inhibitory self control) Social psychology is not just common sense: sometimes the absence of an attractive reward that produces greatest changes in attitudes and, common sense allows competing predictions, intuitions aren"t always right, folk wisdom is beh. often vague and simplistic. Hindsight is not always golden: things that seem obvious in hindsight may not have easily predicted in foresight, hindsight bias: tendency to think that a known outcome was obvious. Should understand how people judge their own susceptibility to virus and how those judgements influence beh.