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Chapter 4

Some CH.4 notes for 2070a/b

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Psychology 2070A/B
Patrick Brown

Ch 4Social Perception Perceiving the Self and OthersAttributions Causal judgements abt why event or behaviour occurredJudgments abt causes of ppls actionsoutcomes are made constantlyhave implications on our own behaviourAttribution theories are models attempting to delineate processes underlying causal judgementsOne of best attribution theories portray ppl asIntuitive scientists Untrained scientists who try to make causal judgements in rational scientific mannerLabelled as covariation model of attribution ppl try to determine if a particular kind of behaviour is correlated with a person a situation or some combination of persons and situationsPpl have multiple observations of the target personFalse consensus effect Assuming others share same attitudesbehaviours to a greater extent than is actually the caseCauses We tend to interact mainly with others who agree with usWe want to believe that others agree with us motivationalIndividuals rely on their knowledge of plausible causes in situations when they make causal judgments abt a person based on just one observationPerceivers look to see if plausible external causes are present and make causal judgments based this infoRules of AttributionDiscounting principle perceived role of cause is reduced discounted if other plausible ca
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