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Chapter 8

Psychology 2075 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Human Sexuality, Fellatio, Delayed Ejaculation

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PSYCH 2075
Chris Roney

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
human sexuality textbook notes
chapter 8 — sexual behaviours and fantasies!
-sexual fantasies!
mental imagery thats sexually arousing or erotic !
can happen because a person wants to engage in them or can pop up
spontaneously !
can be erotic mental picture lasting a few seconds to a lengthy scenario !
one view that has little evidence suggests that the more people fantasize the more
their sex life will lack since they are living in “fantasy” !
-in reality fantasy can enhance sexual arousal, providing greater pleasure!
study of 349 uni students and employees 18-70 who were involved in a hetero.
relationship found that the majority 98% of men and 80% of women reported
sexual fantasizes about someone other than their sex partner!
-women were more likely than men to fantasize about prior sex partners,
suggesting that they had less need to mentally stray from their relationships !
a poll suggests that men more than women think its okay to fantasize about
others, 52 vs 40%!
LGB fantasies;!
-survey of 129 women (84 les. and 44 bi) who had been in a same sex
relationship for 5-10 yrs!
the happier the women were with their relationship the more likely there were
to fantasize about common actives with their partner!
if their relationships weren’t going so well then they were more like to
fantasize about other things such as what they used to do with a partner or
someone dierent!
-survey with gay and straight males!
straight males seemed to fantasize about females in a more limited way where
as gay men were more open to other sexual behaviour !
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