Psychology 2075 Chapter 12: Attraction, Love, Communication

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Chapter 12: attraction, love, communication poll where met current partner: friends: 33% school: 12% family: 3% religious setting: 3% Mere-exposure effect: the tendency to like a person more if we have been exposed to him or her repeatedly; works with other stimuli too; more likely to like girl next door than random. Attracted to people of the same: age, ethnicity, background, economic and social status. Homophilly: the tendency to have contact with people who are equal in social status. Couples are least likely to be the same religion. Short term partnerships are as homophilous as marriages and common law relationships. 46% prefer couple with same religion, 1/3 prefer same ethnic background, Somewhere were different racial groups have coexisted for generations there tends to be more interracial relationships; nova scotia. The more satisfied someone is with their relationship the more they assume the other person is similar to them.