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Chapter 4

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Psychology 2080A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 4 September 19 · Domain sampling: · Time sample: what happens on certain occasions · Internal consistency: are you testing only the one thing you think are test- ing (a psychology test may turn into a reading test if the questions are diffi- cult) · Reliability- the thing we are interested in is not directly observable · Ability is not observable we INFER it from behavior · Behavior is not transparent we cannot look at it and see your ability · O= matter of fact we can observe it · T= thing we are really interested in · E= always present can be positive or negative · Fundamental principle: the more error there is in your measurements the less reliable those measurements are · Error of measurement is something’s negative and sometimes positive (e.g not enough sleep, too much noise) · The more error there is in the measurement the more distance between scores · Error in measurements take away from reliability because it allows for more accounts of how you do on the same test · True score would be obtained if there were NO error of measurement · If we test someone too many times the errors will cancel each other out that tells us the mean is close to the true score · Sarah’s true score is completely independent from the words we choose · O=t+ei (ei, e2, e3) errors will be different on all testing occasions Domain sampling error: error due to items on the test · Suppose no questions were asked about a certain chapter suppose to be on the test than your score would not represent that certain chapter. You would spend time studying a chapter not included in the test oppose to spending time studying chapters that WILL be on the test · Exam score may vary depending on what’s included or dis cluded from the exam · Solution increase the number of questions on the text to be able to cover the whole knowledge base · Parallel forms of reliability: choosing two different sets if test items cover- ing the same material and same difficulty· If the correlation between scores on 2 parallel forms is low than we have domain sampling error Time sampling error: error due to testing occasions · High correlations mean less influence of bad or good days · Test retest approach: useful for characteristics that don’t change over time · Carryover: first testing sessions influences scores on the next session · Practice: when carryover
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