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Chapter 9

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Psychology 2080A/B
Doug Hazlewood

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NineNonExperimental Research Part 1Observational Archival and CaseStudy Research Nonexperimental research differs from experimental research indegree of controlmanipulation vs observation Must forfeit some control in order to obtain data Qualitative research nonexperimental research that asks questions regarding how people make meaning on the world Correlational research nonexperimental research that measures two or more variables to determine the degree of relationship between themmost research is correlational to some degree Correlation does not prove causation Observational research study method in which the researcher observes and records ongoing behavior but does not attempt to change it Archival research study method that examines existing records to obtain data and test hypothesisdisadvantage limited to questions asked by previous researcher and subject to biases presented previously Case study exploratory study of an existing situation as a means of creating and testing a hypothesis Survey assessing public opinion or individual characteristics by the use of questionnaire and sampling methods Hermeneutic
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