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Chapter 9

Intro to Animal Cognition chap 9

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Western University
Psychology 2210A/B

Intro to Animal CognitionREADING NOTESChap 9Thorndike law of effectPositive reinforcement produces satisfying state of affairsReinforcement increased probability of response because SR association stim S produces response R Hull Drive reduction theoryReturn to homeostasis from drive state makes something a good reinforcer drive reduction theoryPrimary reinf stim effective in decreasing biological need without prior trainingConditionedsecondary reinf gain reinf properties through association with primary reinforcerCould not explain sensory reinforcement when sensory stimulation serves as reinforcement Premack Principle reinforcers as responsesPremack principledifferential probability principle the opportunity to perform the higher probability response will serve as a reinf for the lower probability response the more likely response will be a reinforcer for the less likely responsePremack revolution only thing that mattered was that the reinf response be more likely than the instrumental responseApplications of premack principle good for kids in schooloA reinf is any activity the P is more likely to engage in than the in
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