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Psychology 2720A/B CHP 14: Social Psychology in Your Life

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Western University
Psychology 2720A/B
Clive Seligman

CHP 14: Social Psychology in Your Life SOCIAL PSYCH AND YOUR CAREER Business and Organizations - Salespeople - HR people - Take courses on consumer behaviour; attitudes, persuasion, social influence - Organization; group dynamics and leadership - Difference between corporate and university research o Academic; publishes in journals so anyone can read, business; keeps results in the company o Academic audience is other researchers, business audience is people in the company and possibly customers o Academic; individual process, business; team process - multidisciplinary CAREER: Social Psych Meets Big Business - Rod Hancock – insurance brokerage company - Involved in sales, identifying new directions, and making sure employee/customer satisfaction was high - Eventually took over as president of company – pursued the business of insuring Canadian psychologists Government Research. - Conduct studies and often contribute to scientific lit. - Driven by priorities of the government - Addresses Qs about the functioning of government institutions or consequences of federal regulation - Examples: Department of National Defence, Correctional Services Canada, Sport Canada Funding. - Provide the money for doing research - Researchers apply for grants from public/private sources - Example: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research - They evaluate scientific merit and take into account relevance to society and likelihood research will find a solution Regulation. - Agencies are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations - Including airline cockpit and cabin safety, driving and traffic safety, and strategies to increase recycling - Examples: health Canada, Transportation safety board of Canada, Canadian environmental assessment agency Law - Consulting companies employ social psychologists to help with jury selection and trial strategies - Also provide guidance to police department/law enforcement to help improve their handling of criminal investigations - Lawyer’s work can be improved by understanding social psych principles - In consulting companies – large mock courtroom with actors hired to play judged, lawyers, clients, people are picked from the office to be the jurors – different lines of argument can be tested and judged CAREER: Trial Consultant - Joy Stapp started her own firm with Nancy Singleton - They shared a belief in the experimental methods and were sensitive to the biases that can skew results - Works mainly on developing an effective trial strategy, one that “shaped juror perceptions during jury selection (voir dire) and opening statements, is supported by the presentations of evidence, reinforced by closing arguments, and leads to a favourable verdict for out client” Health and Medicine - Guiding model in health psychology is known as the - Biopsychosocial model: model that emphasizes that good health and illness are determined by a combination of biological, social, and psychological factors - Examples: - Self discrepancy theory – failure to reach our ideals can lead to depression, whereas failure to live up to our obligations can need to anxiety - IMB model of AIDS preventative behaviour – helps to identify the most important determinants of “safer sex behaviors” - Persuasive communications that arouse fear – very common in health related advertising campaigns such as smoking or abusing drugs - Having a wide social support network – positive effects on health and well-being - shown to improve recovery from physical illness, to reduce the negative impact of stressful events, and to protect against depression CAREER: Working to Improve Health - Louis Gliksman - Recruited by the addiction research foundation (ARF) - Focused on the determinants and consequences of addictions including tobacco alcohol and drugs - Center for addiction and mental-health (CAMH) goals are “to develop and disseminate resources and services that will improve the lives of people with mental health and addiction problems” - Gliksman has conducted research on the provisions of been drinking on Canadian campuses, developed an investigative programs in countries to reduce the harm of consuming alcohol, investigated relation between illicit opiates and crime and Canada - Currently the Director of the Social Prevention and health policy research department at CAMH – research by this group is truly interdisciplinary utilizing theories and approaches that are both exciting and creative - Taught at Brescia and is an affiliate professor with UWO Education - Effective teachers recognize how social processes bear on learning and education outcomes - Training includes course in developmental psychology, and social psych - Cognitive and developmental psychologists have traditionally been the principal contributors on research in education and learning - Examples of social psychologist conducting influential research: - In typical classroom, children are motivated by external rewards which is not the best way to nurture long-term motivation and achievement – people tend to be better and achieve more when they’re motivated by internal goals - One of the problems of poor performing students face is the debilitating effects of failure – they attribute their failure to stable, internal factors – Attribution of high math ability was attached to the students, the students did better on standardized test - Stereotype threat – teaching women about stereotype threat is an effective way of reducing it’s detrimental effects on their math test performance – important for teachers to understand that a students identity as a member of a socially stigmatized group can have an important bearing on academic success Basic Research - If you want to pursue a career in research following undergraduate studies graduate school is most likely the next step – two or three years o
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