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Chapter 3

Psychology 2720 - Chapter 3 Notes

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Western University
Psychology 2720A/B
Clive Seligman

Psychology 2720BChapter 3 Categorizationprocess of reorganizing and identifying somethingy Allows us to make decision quickly and efficientlyy Allows us to direct our attention to those aspects that are important and make assumptions about objects 2 motives that underlie human information processing y To perceive the world accuratelyheidery To view the self positively sedikides and strobeSchemasbuilding block of the mind for social psychologistsy Mental representation of the object or categories of the objectwhich contain central features of the object or category as well as assumptions about how the objects or category worksy Relational Schemaspeople have schemas for specific interpersonal interactionso Ex Doctorpatient interactiony Basic function is to categorize objects in ways that impose meaning and predictabilityy Primingwhen schema has been used recently it is more accessible and more likely to be activated againy Accessibilitythe ease with which the schemas comes to awareness Chronic accessibilityextent to which schemas are easy to activate for an individual across time and situationy Ex In a study participants were more likely to identifyremember the characteristics of another person in an essay
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