Psychology 3226A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 20: Inferior Temporal Gyrus, Frontal Lobe, Hypermetamorphosis

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Baby born with extremely low weight and had postpartum complications but at 1
year old he seemed fine.
Began to wander away in school years
Inappropriate behavior (e.g., masturbating in class)
Was generally disliked
General behavioral problems
Right frontal lobe and 50% of left hemisphere was not there
So no frontal lobes lead to no social skills and very little emotion except anger. He
had no emotional intelligence.
The cognitive interpretation of subjective feelings.
It is the inferred behavioral state of an affect, which is defined as a conscious,
subjective feeling about a stimulus. Affective behavior is internal and
Components of Emotion
1. Psychophysiology
Changes in body condition. Like HR and BP.
2. Distinctive Motor Behavior
3. Self-reported cognition
Cognition operates in the realm of both subjective emotional feelings and
other cognitive processes (plans, memories, or ideas).
4. Unconscious Behavior
Investigating the anatomy of emotion: it seems as though the thalamus and
hypothalamus contain the neural circuits responsible for the expression of emotion
and for autonomic responses.
The Emotional Brain:
oThe limbic structures act on the hypothalamus to produce emotional
Kluver-Bucy Syndrome:
oShow no fear whatsoever of threatening stimuli like snakes or threat
signals from other creatures.
oThey display tameness and loss of fear, indiscriminante dietary behavior,
strange sexual actions, hypermetamorphosis, a tendency to examine all
objects by mouth, and visual agnosia.
oCan also be observed in human. Can be caused by meningoencephalitis.
oIt appears in absence or removal of amygdala and inferior temporal
oFrontal lobe lesions have dramatic effects on social and affective behavior.
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