Psychology 3301F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Clinical Formulation, Pharmacology, Pain Management

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Chapter 15: Clinical Health, Psych, Clinical Neuropsychology, and Forensic Psych
All clinical psyc must be knowledgeable about the links b/w physical and mental health
o Be sensitive to the possibility of organic problems contributing to psych
impairment and be aware that their work may be subpoenaed and they may be
required to testify in court
Must work collaboratively with other professions while maintaining their professional
Clinical Health Psych
Health is affected by indiv behaviours and habits (diet, sleep etc), and moods (angery,
anxiety etc)
Link b/w exposure to psychosocial stress and health outcomes are established
Definitions of Health and Disability
ICF defines disability: impairment, activity limitation and participation restriction
o In medical model seen as characteristics of person
o Social seen as function of both social and physical environment
Biopsychosocial model: a model that takes into account bio, indiv and social factors
o w/in this model an indiv functioning or disability is determined by interaction
b/w health conditions and contextual factors
contextual factors = indiv characteristics like age, gender and variables
that are external to them like climate, physical env, legal structures etc
disability rate increases with age
o young children: often asthma or learning disability (chronic health conditions)
o working adults: pan, mobility and agility limits
o 65+: mobility problems
Activities of Clinical health psychologists
health psych involves application of psych research in efforts to promote health
APA uses term health psychologist to refer to psychologists whose careers focus on
research and teaching related to health, and term clinical health psychologist to refer to
those who are health service providers
Some clinical health psychologists (CHP) engage in assessment and intervention
o Need to know about characteristics of the disorder, risk factors and prognosis, as
well as diagnostic and treatment procedures
o Consider psych issues in addition, how likely to impact their life
o Often employed w/in hospital or community health clinic
Assessment and intervention related to pain
Pain is subjective, rely on individual reports to let us know how much pain a person is
suffering o ojetie ay i hih e a judge aother’s pai
Acute pain: ST sensation, serves unpleasant but useful function
Chronic pain: pain that persists for more than 6 months
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