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Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

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Psychology 3310F/G
Peter Hoaken

DSMIVTR DiagnosisA Characteristic Symptoms 2 a Delusions b Hallucinations c Disorganized speech d Grossly disorganized or catatonic behaiour e Negative symptoms i NB if delusions are bizarre or hallucinations involve a running commentary or conversation then only 1 characteristic symptom is required B Social or occupational dysfunction a Work interpersonal relationships or selfcare are below preonset levels C Duration a Continuous signs persist for 6 months I month of activephase symptoms must be present i Activephase symptoms means positive symptoms D Schizoaffective and mood disorder exclusion a No major depressive manic or mixed episodes b Brief mood episodes occurred during active phase i If there is mood disorder it is brief and does not meet criteria for mood disorder E Substance use and general medical condition exclusion a No substance use PCP or medical condition is responsible for symptomsF Relationship to a pervasive developmental disorder a If there is a history of autistic disorder or other developmental disorders then the diagnosis is only made if prominent delusions or hallucinations are present for at least 1 monthPositive Symptoms Thought to be acceleration of normal functioningRepresent and excess or distortion of normal functioning o Delusions erroneous beliefs that involve misinterpretations of experiences or perceptions simply a false belief predicated on a misinterpretation of experienceCommon delusions y Persecution ie individual is being conspired against followed threatened y Referential ie gestures aimed at individual o Things that we habituate to they assign great meaning to extraneous unimportant events y Loss of bodily control ie manipulation of actions
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