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Chapter 13

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Western University
Psychology 1000
Mark Cole

Chapter 13 – Social Psychology P2 Best Studies: both deal with the idea of knowing the role in which we are playing 1. Milgram Study: - How far will people go when asked by an authority figure? - This experiment was done in the late 1960s at Yale University and had intended on also doing German University Students (never did) - Main Question = “How could the Holocaust occur?” o Germany up until WWII had created a high-cultural environment and was very cultural, especially in the arts o He suggested that in Germany, compared to the US, the family structure was more orderly and under authority by a higher figure (father, mother, then children) o The fundamental distribution = these people were not all crazy and we have a tendency of blaming others for our negative actions o The German family structure taught them that they must always listen to their leader (ended up being Hitler) - Main Goal = compare Germans to USA university students to see how they would react to doing something dangerous and outrageous - It started with a pair associate list, which was a list of words that involved pairs o They had to memorize the pairs and verbally list them back when one of the words on the list was said o The students were the teacher role and asked the questions and the other individuals, who worked for the experiment, were the learners o Every time the learner made a mistake, they were electrically shocked for punishment by the teacher (students) o Every time the learner got one correct, the shock apparatus would increase in voltage strength - The idea is if you go along and listen to what they instructions say, by having to shock them when they get one wrong, you will reach the max voltage of XX BUT there is actually no voltage being released to the learner (lie) o When the teacher reached about 300V (fake) the learner would start banging on the wall to show severe pain o Then, after that, the teacher would stop responding - Results = they found that 65% of the students from Yale kept pressing the lever all the way until reaching the max (these resu
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