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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 textbook notes

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Psychology 1000

Chapter Six States of Consciousnesspeople can do crazy things in their sleep including kill othersstate of consciousness a pattern of subjective experience a way of experiencing internal and external eventsaltered state of consciousness variations from our normal waking state consciousness momenttomoment awareness of ourselves and our environmenty subjective and private y dynamic everchanging y self reflective and central to our sense of selfy intimately connected with the process of selective attentionMeasuring States of Consciousnessself report people describe their inner experiences physiological measures establish correspondence between bodily states and mental processes ex EEG recordingbehavioral measures Levels of Consciousness Psychodynamic and Cognitive PerspectivesFreud proposed that the human mind consists of 3 levels of awareness y Conscious currently aware y Preconscious outside current awareness easily recalled under certain conditionsy Unconscious cannot be brought into conscious awareness under ordinary circumstancessome stuff in the unconscious mind brings about negative emotions which is why they cant be easily recalled cognitive psychologists said that cognitive unconscious functions act as a support servie working in harmony with our conscious thoughts Controlled Vs Automatic Processingcontrolled processing voluntary use of attention and conscious effort automatic processing processing that requires little or no conscious effort happens when performing welllearned tasks y key disadvantage can reduce our chances of finding new ways to approach a problem controlled processing is more flexible y advantage too much selffocused thinking can hurt task performance Divided Attentionthe ability to perform more than one activity at the same timehas limitsmore difficult when tasks require similar mental resources The Emotional Unconscious modern psychodynamic views incorporate informationprocessing concepts from cognitive psych but emphasize that emotional and motivational processes also operate unconsciously and influence behaviorThe Modular Mind
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