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Chapter 37

Sociology 1020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 37: Culture Of Asia, Make Poverty History, Visible Minority

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SOC 1020
Kim Luton

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Chapter 37 Visible Minority Workers are at Greater Economic Risk
- black families experience considerable financial problems even where they have equal
education to non-black families
- 3/10 blacks in Canada lived below the poverty line in 1991
- individual minority groups have to contend with significant wage and occupational
discrimination in their labour market activities
- visible male minorities on average earn 9% less than white males
- visible minority workers experience substantial income losses over their life-cycle earnings
compared to non-visible minority workers
- employers may be taking advantage of an opportunity to pay lower wages and salaries under
the pretense of the non-recognition of credentials
- there is very substantial racial discrimination affecting the ability of members of racial minority
groups to find employment
- whites had 3 job prospects for every one of blacks
- Indo-Pakistanis and blacks had to make on average 19 30 calls to get a favourable job
Chapter 38 Aboriginal Well-Being: Canada’s Continuing Challenge
- natives has a much lower standard of living, have lower education attainment, and suffer a host
of inequalities in comparison to other Canadians
- registered Indians rank 49th in the world
- military forces have been used against them in Oka
- these events were resolved peacefully, without violence or property damage
- their occupations can occur anywhere, mostly is it over land claim, and then there is burial site,
resource development, harvesting, hunting, and fishing rights
- MAKE POVERTY HISTORY FOR FIRST NATIONS outlined there issues, it was peaceful, it
was about how their rights and needs were violated
- better measures needed to be developed for First Nations to tailor their way of life
- relative deprivation: don’t respect themselves, leads to substance abuse
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