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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

Ch. 13 continued from notebook  Appearance of interest: researcher appears to be interested in and involved with field events by statements and behaviours even if they are not truly interested  Selective inattention: gives an alert researcher an opportunity to learn by casually eavesdropping on conversations or observing events that might not be public  Observing: researchers need to learn how to notice what others overlook o Records many details, better to err on side of caution o Notes: Physical appearance; presentation of self; behaviour; context; serendipity; wait time  Field notes: nearly impossible to take good notes in the field; if looking down, cant see what is happening, attention is taken away from the field; the specific setting determines whether any notes can be taken in the field o Jotted Notes: written in field; short, temporary, memory triggering words and phrases; incorporated into Direct Observation Notes o Direct Observation Notes: basic sources of field data, the ones that are written immediately after leaving the field, can be added to later (observations without inferences); serve as a detailed description of what the researcher saw or heard in concrete, specific terms; a researcher includes what was actually said and does not clean it up (slang); puts concrete details, not summaries, in notes; who, what, when, where, and what circumstances o Researcher Inference Notes: to walk in field member’s shoes. 3 steps listen without applying analytical categories; compare what was heard to what was heard at other times and what others say; applies own interpretation to infer what it means; looks and listens without making inferences until the end. Observations without inferences go into direct observation notes o Analytic Notes: where methodological ideas are kept, to record their plans, tactics, decisions and self critique; have a running account of a researcher’s attempt to give meanings to field events; thinks out loud in these notes, and suggests ideas, creates hypotheses, develops new concepts  Analytical memos= systematic digressions into theory where researcher elaborates on ideas in depth; expands on ideas while still in the field & modifies complex theory o Personal notes: provide outlet for researcher & a way to cope with stress; source of data about personal reactions; gives a way to evaluate direct observation  Maps and Diagrams: helps organize events, and convey field site to others o Spatial map- orients data, show where activities occur in physical space;
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