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Sociology 2259 Chapter Notes - Chapter online: Patriot Act, Crossref, Corporate Security

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SOC 2259
Lauren Barr

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Recriminalizing Dissent:
Hist CN always managed skew balance b/w protest and freedom to maint own auth and
serve interests big business but new omnibus anti-terrorism leg dramatically tipped scales
Right dissent= ess ingredient democracy- but fund right now being criminalized= crim
and act terrorism- rapidly escalated since 9/11
Process crim dissent already well underway before 9/11
Post-9/11 anti-terrorist legislation in CN- bills C-35, C-36 and C-42- go long way toward
entrenching crim of dissent
Bill C-35 expands def internationally protected persons include gov and business
personnel participating internat conferences, cross-ref def terrorist activities found C-36=
implied any interference internat protected persons seen terrorist activity
C-36 cont broad def terrorist activity covering protest and dissent= involve participating,
facilitating, instructing, harbouring such activity= new investigative powers search and
C-42 allows gov declare and create military security zone/ armed encampment CN soil
USA Patriot Act gives sweeping new powers to police and military forces in US which
will have impact on freedom, justice and order in CN
Able search home/ workplace and seize property suspect w/o informing person
FBI def domestic terrorism includes criticism capitalism and promotion socialism by left-
wing groups
Auth submit non-citizens military tribunals and continental security zone around NA=
untold effects movement immigrants and refugees, as well civil liberties CNs
New def terrorism as “ideologically motivated” empowers law enforcement officers
target ideology lies behind people’s actions- political ideology can be cited evidence
engaging crim activity= increasing number activists opposed corp globalization/ global
capitalism being invest, arrested, detained primarily grounds ideological disposition
Prime target new wave anti-terrorist legislation is, therefore, the movement against
corporate globalization itself- current rallying cry anti-terrorism smokescreen much
larger political agenda
In era of globalization is economic war in which the enemy is the people- new armies
occupation transnat corps and people’s fund democratic rights threatened
Corporate security state- increasingly globalized economy, primary role state provide
secure climate profitable transnat investment and competition= rights transnat corps
supersede rights citizens (priority given providing security investors, not citizens)
Finding right balance require fund changes role state and nature capitalism itself
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