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Chapter 4

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Hyu Yong

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Deciding to Commit a Burglary - Introduction: - Demographic characteristic of residential burglers tends to be disproportionately young, male and poor - Aim is to explore the extent to which the decision to commit a residential burglarly is the process of careful calculation/deliberation - In a majority of cases, decision to commit the crime was to satisfy the immediate problem of money (day to day survival) - A few committed burglarly out of a pure ‘addiction’ to money - Keeping the Party Going: - 3/4s out of the offenders asked, they used this money for various forms of high living often associated with illicit drugs/ pleasure seeking experiences - Lemert labeled these behaviors as ‘Self enclosed systems of behavior’-> Image of actors involved in offending without significant thought, embarked voluntarily on one course of action (trying heroin) which leads them to the unanticipated activity of robbery to fulfill such a habit - Certain interviewees simply had a drug problem and were willing to take any steps necessary to fulfill the addiction - Keeping up Appearancs: - 43/95 offenders said they used the cash to purchase ‘status’ items-> Most popular item was nice clothing - Street culture has its own ‘dress code’-> Must be dressed in the most latest fashion wear to be credible/respected on the street - Cars and car accessories came second most important - Material trappings of success create an appearance of affluence/hpness leading to admiration from people on the street - Keeping Things
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