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Chapter 22

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Sociology 2266A/B
Paul- Philippe Pare

“E” is for Ecstasy- A participant observation study of Ecstasy Use - Introduction: - Research offers insight into the ecstasy culture of South florida - Used a 15 participant observation study to go into club like parties asking people about ecstasy use (either as the researcher or sometimes hid this) - M use has received minimal coverage from the field of criminology - E tablets are sold with distinct logos on one side of the pill that have been compressed - Popularity of pill depends on the popularity and word of mouth of the consumers, mdma presents a potential booming industry because of the extreme euphoria brought on - Blowing Up: - Participants measured the strength/purity of the pill depending on the ‘rolling’ experience - Rolling stage includes-> Teeth/jaw grinding, rapid eye movements, sensitivy to empirical experiences (sound, touch, lights) - Side Effects: - There are many ranging side effects of MDMA, but the two most common are jaw clenching/teeth grinding - People use gum, lollypops, starbursts to ease and aid with the jaw clenchi
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