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Chapter 4

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Sociology 3358F/G
Nigmendra Narain

Culture as Problem Solving sociologists define culture as the ideas practices and material objects that people create to deal w reallife problems popular and mass culture is consumed by all classes but high culture tends to be consumed by mainly upper class tools and religion are also elements of culture widely shared and passed from one generation to the nextshared culture is socially transmittedthus culture comprises the socially transmitted ideas practices and material objects that enable people to adapt to and thrive in their environmentsThe Origins of Culture the human cultural survival kit consists ofabstractionability to create general ideas or ways of thinking ex symbolsideas that carry meaningcooperationcapacity to create a complex social life by establishing norms and valuesby analyzing how people cooperate and produce norms and values we can learn much about what distinguishes one culturefrom another productioninvolves making and using tools and techniques that improve our ability to take what we want from natureuniquely human activitymaterial culture bc it is tangible symbols norms and values are nonmaterial culture bc th
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