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Chapter 43

Images of Society Chapter 43

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 43 Teaching Challenges in Higher Education Allison Rozman thJanuary 4 2012 y Ivory Tower Blues A university system in crisis 2007 bye James Cote and Anton Allahar y This book has proven popular with university profs high school teachers and students as well as with the general public y They argue that universities in Canada and the US have become quite dysfunctional institutions for both students and faculty and things are getting worse y Professor Allahar wrote the article for a talk y The idea here is one with which we are all too familiar good teachers are written off as scholars and good scholars are written off as teachers y UWO president Paul Davenport recently dubbed the crucial need to Attract and retain highly qualified professors y Unacknowledged standoff between professors and teachers y It seems to be due to the erroneous idea that not only is teaching Easy while research is difficult but teachers are somehow not as bright as researchers y We were prepared to become what is commonly understood to be university profs there was precious little that prepared us for becoming university teachers y Yet upon graduation we sought jobs as profs and were automatically thrust into classrooms where innocent minds awaited our instruction y Some profs became good teachers but the majority are mediocre to terrible teachers y For it is my conviction that prods who are not effective teachers are as incomplete as profs ho are not productive researchers y It is mutually reinforcing and symbiotic relationship and the value of each cannot be ranked hierarchically y Education inflation is a combination of credential inflation and grade inflation y Best directed to the humanities arts and social sciences y The biases also carry over to rankings among teachers Those who teach math are said to be brighter than those who teach English y One of the greatest challenges of the
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