Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Chap 5

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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1043A/B
Bridget Elliott

Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Christopher Breward Chapter Five Fashion On The Page -late 19 and 20 centuries as period of rapid modernization for the clothing trades -depends on power of graphic communication -rise in literate population and rise in fashion texts -growing interest in symbolism and psychological potential as a communicator of oral / aesthetic values during war years -clothing and furniture given human characteristics so as to fit into your lifestyle -development of fashion magazine plays important role in this turn towards understanding economic, emotional and social life as mobilization of style >The Fashion Plate -shows fashion style and desired behaviours -more lifestyle scenes like we see today -mass market for low class offered affordable glamour but lacked artistic detail from other magazines -can chart counter cultural attitudes about body adornment leading to Paris Avant Garde over commercial fashions >Vogue and Photography -photography became more popular to show garments -emphasis
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