Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Chap 6

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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1043A/B
Bridget Elliott

Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Christopher Breward Chapter Six Fashion and Identity -following rise of capitalism and urbanization clothing became a powerful tool in belonging and identity -20 century generalized interventions revealed around the issues of gender, sexuality, class, race, age and had huge impact on evolution of the popular and experimental fashion of the twenty-first century globally -flapper style had commentary on the tricky relationship between fashion, gender, class and modernity >Subcultural Dress and The Teenage Consumer -uniforms -music -language -styles of behaviour -adopted as a badge of belonging -have generally been characterized by their tendency to shock -philosophy of punk embraced spirit of independent and anarchic creativity -anti fashion -Punk opened up a scenario where an explicit elf expression through dress and music became the norm -rave culture
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