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Housework to Home Runs – Reading Notes
A League of their Own (1992) – Film that focuses on changing role of women in society,
and how wartime conditions displayed their inequitable treatment
Slogan of the film:A womans place is at home… first, second & third”
In reality at this time:
Before WWII, women who did work were paid just over half the wage earned by
men for same amount of time and effort
Entering workforce during wartime, women learned new skills while juggling
housework, child care, and shopping
In the film:
New women’s baseball league labeled as “disgusting example of sexual
confusion… when our boys come home from war, what kind of girls will they be
coming home to?”
Women on team sent to charm school
Newsreel profiles Rockford Peaches in amazing juxtaposition of baseball and
feminine domesticity: “And she’s a former Miss Georgia, too! Wow!”
Male characters hold inherently sexist attitude: “I haven’t got ball players, I’ve
got girls”
Baseball’s effect on the team:
oImproves their self esteem, as some learn to read, others follow their
dreams of writing music
oChanges their views towards relationships – one team member speaks of
her boyfriend differently, will no longer put up with how poorly he treats
oEarns them respect from the coach as they exemplify determination and
oTake ownership over sexuality (to draw a crowd… All the Way Mae)
Women possess the joy of loving and giving without thought of reward. Its a rare mother
who would exchange that joy for any other riches the world might offer (1956)
Expectation remains that once their husbands come home, a woman should return
to their place… the home, with their children.
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