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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2158A/B
Sonia Halpern

Lecture 009 Reading – Body Languages: Kahlo and Medical Imagery David Lomas - Kahlo registers aspects of experience that social convention dictates ought to remain private and concealed. - This provocative breach of the divide between public and private realms exposes the limits of what can be spoken within the hegemonic culture. - For Kahlo, her experience of a miscarriage would serve as a confirmation of the exclusion of the feminine from language that Lacan talks about; attempts to rework and transform the patriarchal system of representations. - Kahlo makes the viewer acknowledge gender and power relations inscribed in visual representations - Kahlo uses medical imagery in a disruptive way as a foreign intrusion that forces one to question the boundaries and exclusions enforced by art. - Childbirt
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