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Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 2158A/B
Sonia Halpern

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Lecture 011 Reading – The Discourse of Others: Feminists and Post-Modernism (Craig Owens) - Among those prohibited from Western representation, whose representations are denied all legitimacy, are women. Excluded from representation by its very structure, they return within it as a figure for – a representation of – the unrepresentable (Nature, Truth, etc.) This prohibition bears primarily on woman as the subject, and rarely as the object of representation, for there is certainly no shortage of images of women. - Apparent crossing of the feminist critique of patriarchy and the postmodernist critique of representation; attempt to introduce the issue of sexual difference into the modernism/postmodernism debate (purpose of article) - Like all representations of sexual difference produced by culture, images do not simply show anatomical differences, but the values assigned to it as well. (phallic image) - Feminist voice regarded as one among many - In recent years there has emerged a visual arts practice informed by feminist theory and addressed to the issue of representation and sexuality – both masculine and feminine. - Male artists have tended to investigate the social construction of masculinity; women have begun the long overdue process of deconstructing femininity. - Some refuse to represent women at all, believing th
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