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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

HIP HOPS QUEEN BITCH  Unquestionably, Afrika Bambaataa conceived and promoted it with his worldwide ambassadors of Zulus in a grassroots cultural movement that would declara knowledge to be the fifth element of hip hop  Yet it is hip hop that is the context of Lil Kim’s revolution within a revolution at the musical level of lyricism  Society is rethought and reinterpreted without the separation of hierarchization of rationality and sensuality. A hidden agenda of yearning and gratification of the flesh is bound to be represented by images, by the feeling of nostalgia and finally by rebellion  Any traditional line between knowing, feeling and desiring or between thinking, sexing and creative writing is not just blurred; it’s orgasmically subverted and destroyed. As she images a way out of the ongoing history of slavery, colonialism and imperialism for Africa and the Africa diaspora  Lil Kim is presumed by elite definitions to be only an object of knowledge, not a transmitter of knowledge herself. The politics of her lyrical thirst for power and pleasure as well as knowledge appear to be almost inconceivable under the dominant regime of power, knowledge and pleasure, despite the fact that the writer-subject of Hip Hop Revolution in the Flesh literally makes meaning fo a living, as a rambunctious way of life  This is a lyrical rather than a biographical study which might call her by her government name  The magic of mic-naming or its power of the word made flesh is most evident when she puts to work the metaphor of the beehive, the apiary, a metaphor that will extend throughout the entirety of her Hip Hop songbook  The nature of a Queen Bee is not subject to male domination or strict gender confinement, let alone sexual erotic oppression or repression. She’s a matriarch, she doesn’t serve, she’s served.  Crafted something phenomenal: a lyrical system of logical that is anti-sexist gender defiant and ultra erotic, systematically and simultaneously, in an indigenously black mode of expression or universe of meaning  There is an assumption that this version of anti-sexism articulated as feminism must be sexually conformist or conservative especially
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