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Chapter 7

AN101 - Chapter 7 Summary

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AN101 Chapter 7
- Summary 1. How is human sexuality viewed and controlled? Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, only in recent years have anthropologists really studied human sexuality. They document the immense cultural variations in how human sexuality is perceived, practiced, and controlled and in the meanings associated with those variations. For example, the near universality of the incest taboo, which forbids sexual relations between parents and their children, and usually between siblings, has long interested anthropologists. 2. What is marriage? Marriage is the relationship between two or more people who are recognized as having continuing claims of sexual access to each other. Monogamy, or the taking of a single spouse, is the dominant form of marriage, but many cultures practice marriages in which more than one spouse is involved. Throughout the world, past and present, different forms of marriage are found. The levirate is a system in which the wife of a deceased man may marry one of the brothers of the dead man. Other forms exist, such as the ghost marriage, the cross-cousin marriage, and the sor
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