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Chapter 3

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Anne- Marie Colpron

Chapter 3Colonialism Todorov Text Columbus and the Indians Columbuss misconceptions about the natives Columbus depictions of the Indians correspond to his own preconceptions and fantasiesAlready had preconceived notions in terms of the people he will meet and their culture During the time many of the European kingdoms were looking for routes to travel to Asia for goods spices and so on The knowledge that the world is round was newly discovered Christopher ColumbusHe discovered America in 1492He was loyal to the Spanish crownHe was looing for trade routes to the eastColumbus first impressions on the nativesAbsence of clothing absence of customsAbsence of law religion and ritesReligion was basically the law during the time Spanish inquisition A kind of white page on which Spanish religion and customs could be inscribed He was seeking to expand the Spanish territory and take the lands in the name of Spain The people in the lands would be vessels for the Spanish king and would therefore absorb the Spanish culture and continue it in the surroundings Columbus ContradictionsThese chronicles influence philosophersThe Indians are good peaceful and generousThe Indians are savage cruel and thieves Hobbes 15581679English Philosopher
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