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Chapter 4

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Geography quiz 2 chapters 4-6 Chapter 4 - Albedo- the reflective value of a surface or intrinsic brightness of a surface Insolation- is the single external energy input driving the earth- atmosphere system scattering- insolation encounters an increasing density of the atmospheric gases as it travels towards the surface; the gas molecules redirect radiation, changing the direction of the radiations movement without altering its wavelength General rule- shorter the wavelength the greater the scattering and vice versa Diffuse radiation- is the downward component of scattered light. Transmission refers to the shortwave or longwave energy through either the atmosphere or the water Refraction- the transition in density subjects the insolation to a change of speed, which also shifts its direction, a bending action called refraction A mirage is an example of refraction, an image that appears near the horizon where light waves are refracted by layers of air at different temperatures Cloud albedo effect clouds reflect insolation and thus cool the earth’s surface. The term cloud-albedo forcing refers to increase in albedo caused by clouds Absorption- the assimilation of radiation by molecules of matter and its conversion from one form of energy to another Conduction- is the molecule-to-molecule transfer of heat energy as it diffuses through a substance Convection- gases and liquids also transfer energy by movements of convection when the physical mixing involves a strong vertical motion Advection- when horizontal motion dominates, the term advection applies Conduction includes surface energy budgets, temperature differences between land and water bodies and between darker and lighter surfaces, the heating of surfaces Conduction occurs in atmospheric and oceanic circulation, air mass movements and weather systems Advection- involves horizontal movement of winds from land to sea and back, fog that forms and moves
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