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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 Diet for a Smaller Planet Week 6 -The world produces more than enough food for us all to thrive -Our food crisis, is not a crisis of scarcity. We have grain alone to provide nearly 3 000 calories per person -Hunger is caused by a scarcity of democracy – living democracy in which everyone has a say in their own futures and in which, therefore, the right to life’s essentials, including food, is protected -Without a living democracy, we end up creating the very scarcity that we say we fear -A lot of our grain is going to cattle and we only get a tiny fraction of that -More and more people are cut out of decision making about life’s essentials as control over land for farming, seeds for planting, and the means for buying and selling moves into fewer and fewer hands. Billions are left to pick up the crumbs, forced to sit on the sidelines in the making of the most fundamental questions of our time. The Blinders of M
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