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Global Studies
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GS 201 Tutorial questions for October 19, 2012 Kymlicka describes the issues of allowing minority groups access to special rights as a problem of numbers and variety of peoples entering into various liberal countries. By allowing one group special rights more groups will come forward demanding the same rights, where is the line drawn. What groups deserve the rights and what if their beliefs go against a liberal society? The situation has too much potential for issues so Kymlicka decides that minority groups should not receive special rights. Negative liberty is the liberty from oppression of others. If a culture believes not all people are equal to one another the cultural beliefs impose on a person’s negative liberties, and they don’t represent a liberal society. If the culture does not represent one of a liberal society it will conflict with the liberal values and undermine the society. All people in a liberal society are equal including women and children, some cultures don’t believe this and would be unable to fully accept the changes they would need to make in order to integrate into a liberal society. The Quiet Revolution in Quebec provided the shift from church dominated to state controlled infrastructures. This allowed a shift in what the public deemed as the good life, it became less about being well connected to God and getting into heaven and more about being successful within society as a business person or in a profession. This secularization of society allowed for a more equal viewing of the people also in the sense of a liberal society and not based on their beliefs. Ethnic groups are ones that have a homeland, a language and a culture that they can all connect to but when in another area of the world they are unable to recreate this from within. Toronto is able to have constant cultural centers because of the constant flow of peoples from their motherland, the
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