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Greg Bird

Lecture 9 Deviance and Crime 1 Chapter 5 (99-107) Deviance  Commonsense: personal attribute is a characteristic, natural to the person, born that way  Nature over nurture, inheritance  Blame the individual  Natural a deviant, why would we apply restorative justice? (Restoring individual so they can re join society again)  To treat someone as a natural deviant, they ignore the social  Sociological  a) Sociologists look at a pattern of violating norms  b) Social Stigma: labeled as deviant because they engage in behaviours that aren’t valued in society  Deviant act: smoking  Seen as annoying or looked down upon Crime  Goes against the law, goes against norms and rules of society  Crime is socially constructed  The definition of criminal is what culture  Goes against legal action and results in punishment China has the highest level of trust and Kenya has the lowest because there is a lot of corruption in government and civil war, a lot of problems. Sweden, Canada, Britain have more trust Rich countries at top, democracy Trust isn’t based on these factors; it is based on crime and corruption Lower crime rates when more people trust each other High levels of trust, people are going to say there is less crime in their society Sanctions Positive sanction encourages certain behaviours Negative sanction discourages certain behaviours  Giving kids stickers, taking stickers away  Putting someone in corne
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