ADMS 2511 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Synchronous Optical Networking, Internet Protocol Suite, Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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Chapter 4: Networks
4.1 – What is a computer network?
- System that connect computer and other devices via communications media so that data
and info can be transmitted among them
Bandwidth: transmission capacity of a network (stated in bits per second)
Broadband: network transmission capacities ranging from 1 million bits per second – 175
megabits per second
Types of computer networks
Local Area Networks (LAN): connects two or more devices in a limited geographical
region usually within the same building, so that every device on the network can
communicate with each other.
- Every device has a network interface card (NIC) that is connected to the LAN’s
communication medium unshielded twisted – pair line (UTP)
Wide Area Network (WAN): networks covering large geographical area. WAN’s typically
connect multiple LAN’s
Enterprise Networks: Multiple WAN’s and LAN’s interconnected to form an enterprise
4.2 – Network fundamentals
Analogue and digital signals:
- Analogue signals are continuous waves that transmit info by altering characteristics of
the wave (2 parameters – amplitude and frequency)
- Digital signals are discrete pulses that are either on or off (series of 0’s and 1’s)
- Function of modems is to convert digital signals to analog signals (modulation) and vice
versa (demodulation)
- 3 types of modems: Dial up, Cable, DSL
Communications media and channels:
- Communicating data from one location to another requires some form of pathway or
medium – communication channels
Channel Advantages Disadvantages
Twisted – pair wire Inexpensive
Widely available
Easy to work with
Subject to interference
Low security
Coaxial cable Higher bandwidth
Less susceptible to
Relatively expensive
and inflexible
Hard to work with
Fiber - optic cable Very high bandwidth
Relatively inexpensive
Good security
Difficult to work with
Transmission technologies:
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