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Textbook Notes for Administrative Studies at York University (YORKU)

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YORKADMS 1000Eytan LasryWinter

ADMS 1000 - Chapter 6-10

OC3145920 Page
10 Oct 2012
Integration of world economies is the presence of trade blocs reflects the accelerating pace with which nations are integrating their economies. For ex
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YORKADMS 3930Randy HoffmanFall

ADMS 3930 Management Textbook Notes

OC2885572 Page
22 Nov 2012
Efficiency- getting work done with a minimum of effort, expense and waste. Effectiveness- accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectiv
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YORKADMS 2610Richard GaspariniFall

Textbook Chapter Summary

OC2183461 Page
29 Oct 2011
Session 1: the law the body of rules of conduct that are obligatory in the sense that sanctions are normally imposed if a rule is violated. May restrai
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YORKADMS 3960Jung- Chin ShenFall

ADMS 3960 International Business Textbook Notes

OC2885584 Page
22 Nov 2012
Globalization- the integration of world economies through the elimination of barriers to movements of goods, services, capital, technology and people.
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YORKADMS 1000Indira SomwaruFall

ADMS 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Market Concentration, A Question Of Balance, Local Exchange Trading System

OC6026027 Page
23 Oct 2012
Canada: a great place to do business: competitiveness. Internal environment people: people are a key component of all organizations, people as a compet
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YORKADMS 3530Kwok HoWinter

ADMS 3530 Chapter Notes -Discounted Cash Flow, Effective Interest Rate, Real Interest Rate

OC2885541 Page
26 May 2013
The financial manager identifies projects and decides how much to invest in each project. Ch 1- goals and governance of the firm. The financial manager
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YORKADMS 1000Len KarakowskyFall

ADMS 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-8: Financial Statement, Corporate Social Responsibility, Paperless Office

OC223055522 Page
9 Jan 2018
The seven factor challenge explorign the environment of. Business (isbn: 978-1-323-76061-1) by len karakowsky & natalie guriel. Understand the importan
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YORKADMS 3210Elena SkliarenkoFall

ADMS 3210 Chapter Notes -Consumer Behaviour, Sensory Memory, Branded Content

OC2885548 Page
30 Nov 2013
Consumer behaviour- study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, dispose of products, services, ideas to satisfy t
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YORKADMS 2511Anne ChowWinter

Chapter 1-6

OC983022 Page
20 Mar 2011
Information systems: to get the right information to the right people at the right time in the right amount and in the right format. Data items: refer
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YORKADMS 2600Mark PodolskySummer

ADMS 2600 Summary (2).doc

OC91249124 Page
1 Jun 2013
Competitive challenges and hrm: the most pressing competitive issues facing firms, going global, globalization the trend toward opening up foreign mark
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Detailed Elements of Law Notes, every chapter compressed

OC216418173 Page
6 Jan 2015
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YORKADMS 2511Hila CohenWinter

ADMS 2511 Chapter all: ADMS 2511 Textbook Summary Notes (All Chapters)

OC244554151 Page
19 Apr 2015
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