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Chapter 1

ANTH 1120 Chapter 1: Reading 1 - Textbook

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ANTH 1120
Alexandra Widmer

Reading 2 Textbook Tuesday, May 2, 2017 4:36 PM Textbook: chapter Pages: 3656 Knauft: Introduction Chapter: 1 Reading on Moodle (1) ______________________ Textbook Notes: Questions: 1. How did ethnographic fieldwork develop during the formative years of anthropology? 2. How has fieldwork changed over the past century? 3. What are some of the challenges of conducting fieldwork? 4. What are the responsibilities of anthropologists toward the people they work with? What does it mean to act ethically as an anthropologist? 5. How do anthropologists represent the people they study and work with? Why is representation an important issue within anthropology? Doing Fieldwork in Sociocultural Anthropology Quantitative research: Research methods that involve the generation of statistical data. Examples include surveys and censuses. Anthropologists are careful with using qualitative tools, such as surveys and census data, these tools are usually helpful to qualitative research of ethnographic fieldwork. Ethnographic fieldwork refers to the research method used within the discipline, which typically involves various forms of long term engagements (often a year or more) and interactions with a particular cultural group or community. This work many include participating in daily activities such as gardening and household tasks. This also involves learning the local language in order to communicate with others effectively without having the need of
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