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ANTH 2200 Chapter Notes -Peisistratos, Pelasgians, Croesus

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October 7th, 2013 Ancient Greece & Rome AP/HIST 2100A
Herodotus 1.59-64
-Lacedaemonians were the most eminent of the Dorian peoples, and the Athenians of
the Ionian peoples (section 57)
-Dorians were driven from Ossa & Olympus in the Histiaeotis by the Cadmeians & were
known then as the Macedons; later sailed to Peloponnese where they became known
as Dorians (57)
-Ionians were an indigenous race
-Herodotus believes the Greeks always spoke the same language, but were weak after
their separation from the Pelasgians (of whom they were a branch) (58)
-“Athens, he learned, had been split by faction and was now under the tyranny of
Pisistratus” (59)
-Hippocrates didn’t take Chilon’s advice about not having any more children, wives, etc;
later, Pisistratus would be born (59)
-Pisistratus devised a ruse in order to seize and secure power for himself (59)
- cut himself and the bodies of his mules and road into town acclaiming to having
been attacked by the enemy
- the Athenians bought the ruse; consented to Pisistratus, who then proceeded to
capture the Acropolis and found himself as new master of Athens (59)
- he governed within custom and tradition and didn’t change or challenge any of the
existing laws (59)
-Megacles & Lycurgus didn’t like this; combined forces and drove Pisistratus out; this
started his first phase of tyranny before his power had even taken root (60)
-no one like Megacles; so he designed a plan with Pisistratus to put him back into
- tricked the Athenians again by dressing up a handsome, tall woman in warrior’s
garb and sent her through the city to convince people she was Athena; the Athenians
believed her and Pisistratus took power once again (60)
-condition of putting him back in power, was that Pisistratus had to marry Megacles
daughter, but he didn’t want any offspring with her because of a curse on Megacles
family, so he lay with her in an unnatural way (61)
-this made Megacles unhappy, threatened Pisistratus and caused him to flea
- Hippos (son of Pisistratus) suggested he regain his previous position of power;
towns like Thebes made generous contributions and they prepared a march on Athens
- attacked the city while the defense was at leisure; for the third time, Pisistratus
took power (64)
- Lycurgus made fundamental changes in laws, took good care that the new ones
wouldn’t be broken; reorganized the army, introduced new tactical divisions, new cicvil
offices (65)
Herodotus 1.46-56
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