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Chapter 9

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BIOL 1000
Angelo Belcastro

Chapter 9 CHAPTER 9 GENETIC RECOMBINATION Mechanism of Genetic Recombination  Genetic recombination requires:  Two DNA molecules that differ from each other  A mechanism for bringing the DNA molecules together  Collection of enzymes to cut and exchange DNA back together  Sugar-phosphate backbone is held together by covalent bones Genetic Recombination in Eukaryotes: Meiosis  Sexual Reproduction: production of offspring though union of male and female gametes  Is dependent on meiosis  Zygote: a fertilized egg cell  In females, the 4 nucelei produced , only one of them is actually usable Meiosis Changes Chromosome Number and DNA Sequence  Haved chromosome number, and recombined chromosomal DNA sequence  Homologous Chromosome Pair  One comes from maternal, one from paternal  Carry same genes, but different alleles  Diploid 2n Meiosis Produces Four Genetically Different Daughter Cells DNA replication occurs in premeiotic Interphase Prophase I  Chromosomes begin to condense  Each pair of homologous pairs line up side by side in synapse  While being paired the chromatids of the chromosome undergo recombination by exchanging segments Prometaphase I  Nuclear envelope breaks down  Kinectochore microtubules connect to chromosomes Metaphase I  Spindle microtubules align tetrads in metaphase plate Anaphase I 
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