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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

The Prince 1530reread slides for quotes he wrote this to the prince to get his job back For Machiavelli on the other hand the ruler pragmatically seeks to maintain power and there is no moral basis on which to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate uses of power Contains practical and pragmatic advice on how to acquire and maintain political power to learn from the mistakes of those who were vanquished emphasis on the distinguishing between hereditary state and new state Princedom prince is the sole ruler Hereditary StateI say then that hereditary States accustomed to the family of their Prince are maintained with far less difficulty than new States since all that is required is that the Prince shall not depart from the usages of his ancestors trusting for the rest to deal with events as they arise 1 more difficult to maintain new state than hereditary states He therefore who acquires such a State ie a State with only
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