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Chapter 3

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Communication Studies
COMN 1000
Nick Skinner

Reading Summary Producing Content Grossberget al Ch3This chapter focuses on the levels of analysis of mediaThis chapters summary is as stated in the intro of the chapter is as follows pg 65 it begins to ascend a latter of abstraction and explains how media products that the audience receive or view are the creations of individual people media organizations or media industries It goes on to explain how media constitutions make an institution and the ultimate outcome of media produced is influenced by how media institutions act with other social institutions Lastly the media is influenced by the culture in which they are produced in and understanding who makes the media prompt many other issues and questions By sections the chapter explained how each element is associated to media making and the rules each element follows and why it does so The first element is people and how individuals own differences in creativity energy interests talent values are part of the characters that audiences are attracted too and these individuals become a product of the media by popularity examples in the chapter are Sheryl Crow Jon Stewart or David Letterman pg66The next element is organizations and the examples explained in the chapter included television shows newspapers or any organization that seeks to inform peopleMedia is now not only the product of the individual but it is the product of the organization that has worked together in order to produce the media An example is that if someone where to host a TV show like Dr Phil or Opera the show would not belong to them unless they had complete authorship over the rights of the media Further on that note the Opera Whinf
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